My Journey Begins

For the past few months, weeks and days I have really thought about who I am, what I want to do with the rest of my life. As I heal from some lingering symptoms of the psychosis I went into a few years ago, I always come back to art and natural healing alongside a deep longing to learn as much as I can about various topics that can help me on my journey.

I have the same kind of longing to share and teach others as well as I learn.

This is my humble beginning of my journey of creating a Materia Medica – a body of collected knowledge about the therapeutic properties of plants used for healing alongside some illustrations. I have wanted to do a Materia Medica for many years so I started a small herbal course yesterday to help me stay focused.

I also ordered some new art supplies two days ago and received it today. Although there is nothing like receiving new art supplies, I am looking at it with trepidation as I haven’t done watercolour or gouache in a very long time. Hopefully by tomorrow I will feel better and start a new illustration.

I have been talking to a new friend called Jackie, who specialises in various alternative health practices and we are trying to come up with a way of working together. She is thinking of starting a new Edwardian type healing plant journal and I will then maybe do the illustrations if we can come up with a plan. She posted some information on lemon verbena today and I thought it might be exactly the right illustration to start off with.

Here’s hoping that everything goes according to plan.



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