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Hi everyone and welcome to my little piece of peace on the internet, where I will be exploring illustration and design as well as natural health and history.

My life for the last five and a half years was very difficult and distressing, but I am reaching the end of a bad patch in my life. Five and a half years ago on Christmas day I started to get really ill after not being able to sleep for about three weeks. I was severely anxious on Christmas Day and by the first of January I had to be hospitalised. I lay there for three weeks while they did no real tests on me to ascertain what was wrong with me. The only thing they did notice was that I had some kind of infection so they put me on drips that made me so week by the end of the third week that I could hardly walk.

I was released but that was the beginning of fighting a constant psychosis for five and a half years with various medications given to me during that time to help me heal.

I never did.

Through the years the symptoms have become less until I can now say that I rely on mainly vitamins and natural health supplements to help heal the last of my illness alongside some sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medication. I am trying to get to a point where I can rely solely on natural health supplements to stay health.

Before I became ill I had a vision of studying herbalism, ancient uses of herbs and other plants and recording my studies along with some illustrations. This is something I am now embarking on while I fight off the last of my symptoms towards full healing. I also have a real passion for animal art and textile design and this site will host these as well.

Soon you will be able to buy various products with my art and design on.

I hope that your visit on my site will be a pleasant experience!

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