Salt & Vinegar Chip Replacement

Rice cake – plain or seeded unsalted version – sprinkle some pink salt over it along with a splashes of pure, natural lemon juice to taste (add some pepper of other natural spices if you feel like it).

Rice cake with pink salt & lemon juice

Quick raw oats breakfast

Change your cooked oats to raw oats in water with a squeeze of lemon, a dash of pink salts and some fresh, halved grapes or brown sugar if needed (Stevia may have an effect on fertility,  Xylitol – watch out if you have liver problems – most of it needs to be digested by the liver). If you let the water soak in for a few minutes, it makes its own milk. This breakfast drives out a lot of nasties. Add some seeds and nuts to taste.

A happy tummy is the beginning of healthy body and mind!

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Quick replacement if you need something sweet and gooey  Frozen or fridge cooled grapes (I prefer black or red grapes), dipped in almond butter (other nut butters will also work). If you haven’t tasted almond butter yet, you’re in for a treat! You know those wickedly delicious caramel toppings you find on ice cream cones? The taste and texture is very similar. 

Seedless black grapes with almond butter

Healthy ice cream replacement  

6 medium size mangos
6 medium sized bananas
1 small pineapple
juice of 1/2 lemon
400 ml coconut cream (health shops sell tins without any preservatives. Most coconut creams have Sodium Metabisulphite in it – it may have an ill effect on the lungs and cause allergies or asthma attacks).

Blend in blender, into ice cream maker and eat!

Makes +/- 1.5 liter. Add one or two bananas for extra sweetness.

Dairy free, sugar free mango ice cream without any nasties

Basic smoothie recipe Reasonably inexpensive green smoothie that works for me for vitality, lymph cleansing, liver cleansing, less pain and gut health (bromelain in pineapple) and brain clarity. Also very useful for weight loss. Can help alleviate hunger in-between meals and definitely ups serotonin levels for happiness. Use more basic ingredients if you want a less expensive smoothie (banana, pineapple, bunch of green leaves & lemons will work wonders. (Leftover juice is still valuable for about 3 days, especially if you add a bit lemon juice to preserve the mix)

2 apples (the polyphenols present in apple keep serum and lipid levels of liver under control. Apples carry pectin and malic acid that help remove toxins and carcinogens. Apples have anti-inflammatory properties that protect you against fatty liver) 2 bananas (sweetness and emulsification) bunch of mixed, coloured greens (roughage, vitamins and minerals) 1/3 of cucumber (hydration, less puffiness and lymph cleaning) 1/2 medium sized pineapple (bromelain – pain and enzymes) tablespoon of aloe vera juice (gut health) 1.3 teaspoon pink salt (minerals and cleaning out old gunk high up in the tummy) 1/2 lemon juice (lymph cleansing and vitamin c for antioxidant activity can decrease inflammation, which may help improve your immune function, for skin health as well)

Blend in a smoothie maker or eat items regularly for health.  

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