epsom salt – a natural remedy for muscle aches, inflammation, and stress.

Even regular old Epsom salt can keep you calm; you don’t have to use the expensive stuff if you don’t have the money. If your body’s magnesium levels are low and you apply Epsom salt directly onto your skin (it may sometimes sting in the beginning).

Add approx. 1/8 to 7 parts of water and mix in a spray or other bottle. Add a touch of olive oil or almond oil and shake before you use to prevent dryness.

Rub or spray on a tiny bit on the most painful parts of your body and see how it goes; just not too much as it can lower blood pressure too much if you use too much at a time. Try it out and add a bit more if your body can take it.

Adding a bit of pink salt might help add back some of the minerals lost and also helps to keep you calm.

Inexpensively available in small packs in the baking department of any grocery store and large tubs available at agricultural stores nation-wide.


Reasonably inexpensive green smoothie that works for me for vitality, lymph cleansing, liver cleansing, less pain and gut health (bromelain in pineapple) and brain clarity. Also very useful for weight loss. Can help alleviate hunger in-between meals and definitely ups serotonin levels for happiness. Use more basic ingredients if you want a less expensive smoothie (banana, pineapple, bunch of green leaves & lemons will work wonders. (Leftover juice is still valuable for about 3 days, especially if you add a bit lemon juice to preserve the mix)

2 apples (the polyphenols present in apple keep serum and lipid levels of liver under control. Apples carry pectin and malic acid that help remove toxins and carcinogens. Apples have anti-inflammatory properties that protect you against fatty liver)
2 bananas (sweetness and emulsification)
bunch of mixed greens (roughage, vitamins and minerals)
1/3 of cucumber (hydration, less puffiness and lymph cleaning)
1/2 medium sized pineapple (bromelain – pain and enzymes)
tablespoon of aloe vera juice (gut health)
1.3 teaspoon pink salt (minerals and cleaning out old gunk high up in the tummy)
1/2 lemon juice (lymph cleansing and vitamin c for antioxidant activity can decrease inflammation, which may help improve your immune function, for skin health as well)

Blend in a smoothie maker or eat items regularly for health.

Love to all



I lost 18kg’s (2020) so far this year.

For everyone that is struggling, here’s what I did this far:

  • Eat 4-5 heaped tablespoons of oatmeal boiled in hot water with +/- half a tablespoon of coconut oil for breakfast. Tea or coffee with or without milk (hormone free/free range milk is best, but use what you can afford).
  • An even healthier choice than cooked oats – 4-5 tablespoons of raw quick oats, soaked in enough water, a squeeze or two of lemon juice and Stevia, Xylitol or a 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of brown sugar as preferrred. Water, oats and lemon juice makes a lovely milk, when it is soaked for a while and swished around a bit before eating.
  • Watch out – Stevia probably reduces fertility, Xylitol is processed by the liver, so not good for people with liver problems, sugar might have a negative on blood sugar. Replace sugar or sugar replacements with a few pieces of dates, raisins or freshly sliced grapes.
  • A medium sized bowl of mixed veggies (add sulphur-rich vegetables such as: broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and brussels sprouts, as well as dark green-leaved kale, spinach as it keeps you healthy and fights nasties in your body! About 160 grams of hormone free/free range chicken and about 3-4 tablespoons of rice. Repeat for the evening with or without the meat. (Increase or reduce as your body tells you, you body should never go hungry!)

Replace veggies with green salads with a half tablespoons of olive oil and a mix of fresh raw veggies inbetween or with meals and about 3-4 portions of fruit inbetween meals.

Notes: Organic or free range, hormone free foods are best as toxins are stored in your body.

Replace your diet slowly if you know you are ill or might be ill – toxins are relased as fat is released and might damage your organs if you go to fast. Include health fats such as olive and coconut oil over your foods.


Very important: I am not a qualified doctor or natural health practitioner. Natural products prescribed by a qualified natural health practitioner have a strong chance of leading to better health but in accute cases please go see a doctor if natural treatment doesn’t work for you.

ADRENALS: Extreme fear because of hopelessness of situation.

Natural remedies:

HEART: Sadness because of no or little love in the past or present. Becomes detached to not feel sadness.

KIDNEYS: Isolation, fearful of isolation, incorrect feelings of not fitting in and therefore feel isolated, self esteem issues. New research shows that the kidneys have the ability to regenerate and repair themselves throughout life.

How to improve kidney function naturally:

Herbal and Homeopathic remedies:

LIVER: Anger, resentment, frustration, bitterness. Eat appropriate bitter foods to get rid of bitterness and anger. (Research: anger quickly creates space as you release it into the air, reduces others to create space for self. Research: better ways to communicate urgent needs or necessary actions to be taken by self or others.)

LUNGS: Sadness, Cigarettes increases oxycytocin (hormone responsible for love and bonding, results in trusting others) levels, resulting us to feel closer to people to attract love in many forms, but destroys lungs. Asthma and other lung problems results. Can be used to treat drug and other?addictions. (Research: oxycytocin creates less need for drugs). Poor development of Oxytocin in our bodies during the period of early childhood can possibly lead to such addictive behaviors.
Oxytocin systems aren’t fully developed when we’re born —only at around age three are the systems fully developed.

Healthy ways to get more oxycytocin:

  • Vitamin D activates oxycytocin
  • Oxycytocin in mother’s milk – closer bond between mother and child. May result in attachment issues that may even have an effect on adult life.
  • Asking for a hug
  • Petting an animal
  • Exercise

LYMPH: All emotions not dealt with by diseased or overworked organs – packed up lymph system.

PANCREAS: Extreme hopelessness

SPLEEN: Worry, dwelling on things without coming to an outcome or dwelling on things without taking action/not choosing a path/having too many options or paths to take

THYROID: Voicelessness because of trauma or being made voiceless by others/real self destroyed or trodden down.

Mourning keeps us in mourning for too long

Let go of the pain and suffering of the past, let go of the pain and anger and suffering your departed relatives and friends had, let go of the fears you had in the past, let go of hatred of old enemies, emotionally let go of the negative emotions of people who constantly drag you down.

Mourning keeps us in mourning if it goes on for too long.

Focus on beauty, music, colour, laughter, nature, prayer and understanding, by accepting and loving and giving in the ways that God showed all of us.

~ Love, Charmaine ~

Welcome to my website

Hi and welcome to my website. I am a Christian, very interested in Phytotherapy & the way God created the Earth – TO HEAL & BRING US JOY.

I hope that we are all blessed to receive infinite wisdom to believe in God, our Father again, so that we can receive all our blessings, including our beautiful talents to sow beauty and LOVE into this world.

Otherwise, why would God have given us our Gifts?

Sometimes we need to go through pain or hell to bring God-given beauty back into this world.

We all have the ability live longer happier lives these days, if we eat healthier fresh fruit & veggies everyday and exercise or go into nature. 

Give in abundance to other’s not to receive blessings, but because we feel blessed. If you don’t feel blessed in this moment of time, ask God for wisdom, abundance, beauty & LOVE so that you can heal & bless others.

We don’t have to feel we have to compete against any other person in this world, there’s more than enough Talent, Wisdom, Time & Abundance in this world, even if you just spend 15 minutes a day talking to God & going out in nature or working on your talents.The smallest patch of earth, potted plant or a little exercise or stretching can bring us joy.

Ask for God’s blessings to be showered on you today to see your worth & talents.

I trust that you will all feel blessed by God in this way.

I hope your visit on my website is a pleasant and enriching experience.

PS: I am still healing from trauma I went through for many years, so my progress on the website is slow-ish. I am leaving the menu open for anyone interested to see what I am planning.

Love to you all,

Charmaine xxx


I lost a whole 18kg’s, since October. Can’t believe it, still have a way to go, but for anyone out there that is struggling, here’s what I did thus far:

  • Ate 4 heaped tablespoons of oatmeal boiled in hot water with +/- half a tablespoon of coconut oil for breakfast (change to raw oatmeal, filtered water, a squeeze or two of lemon juice and some stevia if you truly need it to be sweet (watch out – stevia might have a negative effect on fertility).
  • Tea or coffee with or without milk once or twice a day.
  • A medium sized bowl of mixed veggies, about 160 grams of hormone free chicken and about 3-4 tablespoons of rice for lunch. Repeat for the evening with or without the meat (Increase or reduce as your body tells you, you body should never go hungry!)
  • Ate green salads with a half tablespoons of olive oil and a mix of fresh raw veggies inbetween or with meals and about 3-4 portions of fruit in-between meals.
  • Organic or free range, hormone free foods are best as toxins and animal hormones as well as hormonal additives are stored in your body.
  • Reduce your portions slowly if you know you are ill or might be ill, as toxins are released as fat is released and might damage your organs if you go to fast as organs have to process all the toxins.

Die liefde bedek alles, glo alles, hoop alles, verdra alles

Heart image – Pixabay

Gisteraand laat sit ek en ponder en wonder ek oor my lewe en waarnatoe ek nou eintlik op pad is. Wat ek uit die lewe en liefde wil hê.

In my kop is die woorde “die liefde bedek alles, glo alles, hoop alles, verdra alles”, maar ek kan om die dood nie onthou waar in die Bybel dit staan nie en ek kan ook nie my Bybel kry om dit op te soek nie. In my gedurige geveg na spasie het ek verlede week my Bybel iewers anders gebêre. Ja ek weet, ek behoort my te skaam dat ek Korintiers 13, een van die bekendste verse in die Bybel nie kon onthou nie, en ook dat spasie vir my belangriker geword het as die Bybel langs my bed. Maar dit daar gelaat.

In my soektog na die Bybel kom ek op my joernaal af wat my ma jare gelede vir my gegee het. ‘n Pragtige Chinese geel buiteblad, met takke en blare geskilder in rooi, groen en goud. Vir aan en af periodes tussen 2005 en 2007 het hierdie joernaal my toevlug geword wanneer dinge te veel geword het in my verhoudings met familie, vriende, die oppervlakkige mans in my lewe en die wêreld as geheel. Hier het ek uiting gegee aan my soeke na “ware liefde”, die tipe wat nie net op die uiterlike ingestel was nie. Die tipe wat die toets van die tyd sou kon deurstaan.

Ek ontmoet in 2005 ‘n pragtige gelowige man. Eers gaan alles goed en beweeg dinge in ‘n goeie rigting in, totdat ek begin moed verloor en twyfel. Gisteraand vir die eerste keer toe ek my woorde herlees, sien ek duidelik hoe ek tot die kwyn van iets baie moois bygedra het, omdat my selfwaarde te laag was. Hoe meer ek getwyfel het, hoe meer het hy heel moontlik getwyfel, dis gewoonlik wat gebeur. Ek was gefokus op my ver van perfekte uiterlike, die agt jaar wat ek ouer as hy was, die oppervlakkige verskille in hoe ons die lewe sien, die wêreld om ons wat vir ons gesê het ons kan nooit werk nie. Nou verstaan ek dat hierdie verhouding in voorbereiding was vir my lewe in die hede en die toekoms.

Dis so maklik om te glo ons verdien nie die dinge wat andere om ons het nie. Baie van ons voel anders of is daadwerklik anders. Dit maak nie saak nie, ons het almal dieselfde waarde voor God. Ek glo dat as ons dit met ons hele hart glo, val die res in plek.

Ek glo meer as ooit te vore aan onvoorwaardelike liefde, liefde wat vir ander ‘n voorbeeld kan wees, ‘n lig kan help skyn in die donkerte om ons. Die regte liefde kan ons help om berge te versit. ‘n Liefde wat veel meer as uiterlike attraksie behels. Dit gebeur bitter min, maar dit gebeur. Ek is bereid om vir so ‘n liefde te veg!

Gisteraand sien ek op Facebook dat een van my ouers se ou vriende oorlede is. Hy het nie baie lank bly leef na sy vrou se dood nie. Ek glo eerlik nie dat die lewe sonder haar vir hom meer lekker was nie. Hulle was baie lief vir mekaar al die jare wat ek hulle geken het en het as voorbeeld gedien vir almal om hulle. Hulle moes saam een volwasse dogter lank voor haar tyd aan die dood afstaan. Nie een van die twee sou enige wêreldse skoonheid wedstryd kon wen nie. Hy was kort en rond met bakore en ‘n knopneus en het aan diabetes gely. Sy was ‘n doodgewone vrou wat ook veels te veel kilos rondgedra het volgens die wêreld. Op die ou einde het sy het Alzheimers gekry en hy het haar liefdevol versorg tot die einde toe.

Dis die tipe liefde waaraan ek vasklou, liefde wat alles kan oorbrug met God se hulp.

Nie altyd maklik nie, baie keer is daar pyn aan verbonde, maar ek glo dis moontlik. As mens, gaan jy by tye faal, die verkeerde dinge sê, verkeerde dinge doen, terleurstel by tye. Dis die aanhou en uithou en weer probeer met liefde, vrede en genade wat saak maak.

As jou fokus meestal op die uiterlike is, is daar altyd ‘n volgende persoon wat jy kan nader hark. As jy glo aan ware liefde, is jou keuses baie minder. Jy ontmoet miskien een of as jy baie gelukkig is twee keer in jou lewe iemand wat jou hele lewe kan verander in iets werklik sinvol en sielverrykend.

Partykeer skryf ek lawwe stories oor die liefde, soos die een van ‘n paar dae gelede, maar in my hart is dit waaraan ek bly vasklou, dat ware liefde alles oorbrug. Met God se hulp is alles moontlik.

Ek het nie meer ‘n daadwerklike lysie van wat ek in ‘n man soek nie, dis nou ‘n interne kompas wat weet wanneer iets reg is.

Ek verstaan die verskille tussen mans en vroue beter. Gelyk maar anders geskep, met swakhede en sterker punte waarvoor die ander party opmaak. Beide partye moet kan gee en ontvang en bereid wees om aan die verhouding te bly werk. ‘n Maat om ons lewe mee te deel, lank nadat die seksuele sy miskien tot niet is.

Saam soveel sterker, beter en wyser.

Sielemaats, bymekaar gebring vir ‘n rede, deur God gemaak vir mekaar!