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Very important: I am not a qualified doctor or natural health practitioner. Natural products prescribed by a qualified natural health practitioner have a strong chance of leading to better health, but in acute cases please go see a doctor if natural treatment doesn’t work for you.

Most of this information I have gathered through various sources, but many I have experienced for myself.

ADRENALS:  Our adrenals react to fear, emotions and stress and may cause us to feel hopeless if goes on for too long, causing ill health and adrenal fatigue.

How to improve adrenal function naturally: 

Eat the following foods 

  • Leafy greens and colourful veggies, raw and clean (organic if possible, but please wash the pesticides off with filtered water if possible, otherwise normal water will do).
  • Lean meats, especially poultry that processes quicker (hormone free, organic and free range is best if possible)
  • Fish – omega-3 fatty acids in fish like salmon, rainbow trout and wild cod can help the body to better use its naturally produced DHEA
  • Eggs
  • Legumes
  • Nuts
  • Whole grains
  • Dairy (organic and hormone free is best, otherwise it might be better to avoid)
  • Pink salt 
  • Vitamin C in its most natural form – pure lemons from the tree or grocery, pure lemon juice or orange or other citrus fruits (avoid any additives or preservatives if at all possible)
  • Healthy fats – olive oil, grapeseed and coconut oil
  • Low sugar fruits 
  • Nutmeg – whole or oil
  • Fenugreek
  • Sage or sage oil
  • Lavender – relaxing and soothing for adrenal fatigue

HEART: Sadness because of no or little love in the past or present – closes our hearts and may therefore become detached to not feel sadness.

KIDNEYS: Isolation, fearful of isolation, incorrect feelings of not fitting in and therefore feel isolated, self esteem issues. New research shows that the kidneys have the ability to regenerate and repair themselves throughout life. Please consult a registered health practitioner or medical doctor if you suspect that you might have serious kidney problems.

How to improve kidney function naturally:

  • Stay hydrated – water is best (filtered water if possible). Add a pinch of salt to replace lost minerals in filtered water.
  • Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, and grains such as wholewheat pasta, bread and rice. Don’t eat too much salty or fatty food.

Herbal and Homeopathic remedies:

LIVER: Anger, resentment, frustration, bitterness. Eat appropriate bitter foods to get rid of bitterness and anger. (Research: anger quickly creates space as you release it into the air, reduces others to create space for self. Research: better ways to communicate urgent needs or necessary actions to be taken by self or others.)

LUNGS: Sadness, Cigarettes increases Oxytocin (hormone responsible for love and bonding, results in trusting others) levels, resulting us to feel closer to people to attract love in many forms, but destroys lungs. Asthma and other lung problems results. Can be used to treat drug and other?addictions. (Research: Oxytocin creates less need for drugs). Poor development of Oxytocin in our bodies during the period of early childhood can possibly lead to such addictive behaviors.
Oxytocin systems aren’t fully developed when we’re born —only at around age three are the systems fully developed.

Healthy ways to get more Oxytocin:

  • Vitamin D activates oxytocin
  • Oxytocin in mother’s milk – closer bond between mother and child. May result in attachment issues that may even have an effect on adult life.
  • Asking for a hug
  • Petting an animal
  • Exercise
  • Foods that help along oxytocin – figs, watermelon, avos, green tea, spinach, Vitamin D rich foods – eggs, chicken, milk, guava, berries, tomato, lemon, broccoli & brussels sprouts, curd & yoghurt.

LYMPH: All emotions that are not dealt with by diseased or overworked organs results in a  packed up lymph system. Cleaning up my lymph has helped me a lot in the past and in the present. I hope it can help you too. The more your lymph is cleared up through lymph drainage and massaging your body, exercising and eating cleanly. The more your old and present pain,anger and fear is revealed and let go, the happier and healthier you can be.

PANCREAS: Extreme hopelessness due to fear, anger and resentment.

Avoid all stodgy and processed foods – both carbohydrates and proteins  (especially fatty ones need to be processed by our pancreas)

Eat as you would have eaten for adrenal fatigue. An overworked pancreas leads to adrenal fatigue. Avoid all foods that need heavy processing – whole grains and pulses might not be appropriate while you heal your pancreas

SPLEEN: Worry, dwelling on things without coming to an outcome or dwelling on things without taking action/not choosing a path/having too many options or paths to take

THYROID: Voicelessness because of trauma or being made voiceless by others/real self destroyed or trodden down.