epsom salt – a natural remedy for muscle aches, inflammation, and stress.

Even regular old Epsom salt can keep you calm; you don’t have to use the expensive stuff if you don’t have the money. If your body’s magnesium levels are low and you apply Epsom salt directly onto your skin (it may sometimes sting in the beginning).

Add approx. 1/8 to 7 parts of water and mix in a spray or other bottle. Add a touch of olive oil or almond oil and shake before you use to prevent dryness.

Rub or spray on a tiny bit on the most painful parts of your body and see how it goes; just not too much as it can lower blood pressure too much if you use too much at a time. Try it out and add a bit more if your body can take it.

Adding a bit of pink salt might help add back some of the minerals lost and also helps to keep you calm.

Inexpensively available in small packs in the baking department of any grocery store and large tubs available at agricultural stores nation-wide.

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