Welcome to my website

Hi and welcome to my website. I am a Christian, very interested in Phytotherapy & the way God created the Earth – TO HEAL & BRING US JOY.

I hope that we are all blessed to receive infinite wisdom to believe in God, our Father again, so that we can receive all our blessings, including our beautiful talents to sow beauty and LOVE into this world.

Otherwise, why would God have given us our Gifts?

Sometimes we need to go through pain or hell to bring God-given beauty back into this world.

We all have the ability live longer happier lives these days, if we eat healthier fresh fruit & veggies everyday and exercise or go into nature. 

Give in abundance to other’s not to receive blessings, but because we feel blessed. If you don’t feel blessed in this moment of time, ask God for wisdom, abundance, beauty & LOVE so that you can heal & bless others.

We don’t have to feel we have to compete against any other person in this world, there’s more than enough Talent, Wisdom, Time & Abundance in this world, even if you just spend 15 minutes a day talking to God & going out in nature or working on your talents.The smallest patch of earth, potted plant or a little exercise or stretching can bring us joy.

Ask for God’s blessings to be showered on you today to see your worth & talents.

I trust that you will all feel blessed by God in this way.

I hope your visit on my website is a pleasant and enriching experience.

PS: I am still healing from trauma I went through for many years, so my progress on the website is slow-ish. I am leaving the menu open for anyone interested to see what I am planning.

Love to you all,

Charmaine xxx