Learning to dance with life

Old books
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She ran her hand along the row of book spines. The titles were familiar. Some plots still fresh in her mind, others just vague memories …

Volume 1 Wide eyed innocent wonder
Volume 2 Little girl lost – Invisible and observing, how to stay hidden in plain sight
Volume 3 How to lose your identity by following the misguided crowd
Volume 4 The hermit years
Volume 5 Wandering in the desert of the money god – Control, deceit, heartbreak and loss.

Volume 6 was in her hands. Searching for the light at the end of the tunnel –  Friendly strangers, diamonds in the dark, learning to read and speak between the lines.

It felt very heavy now, how had she carried it all of this time? It was a hard and harrowing read, but it also had beautiful and light moments along the way. She was thankful for what she had gained from it. Knowledge she would take with her wherever she went.

She slid Volume 6 into place. She picked up the last book.

Volume 7 – Little girl found – Learning to dance with life, the wonder years return.

She turned the book over and read the synopsis.

It promised to be a good one.

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