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NEWS: I am participating in this year’s Wraptious design competition. To support me and my work please visit my Wraptious page – Charmaine Diedericks Wraptious page, click on each design and click on the Thumbs up button or if you love my designs, please think about buying one of my pieces, which will give me even more chance to win. Thank you!

My designs on Wraptious’ cushions:


Welcome to my little home on the internet! Here you will find my artwork for sale, my surface pattern design portfolio and scrapbooking supplies.

You can find my artwork here: Charmaine Diedericks Artist Portfolio

You can find my design portfolio here: Charmaine Diedericks Surface Pattern Design

Please note – I am a one woman show and for me to bring affordability to my customers and run my shop efficiently and effectively, I only courier orders twice a week. The only option at this time is  Postnet to Postnet. Please remember to add your nearest Postnet Branch in the order note at checkout. Thank you, I hope you understand!


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